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Slant face markers are thickest at their base. The backside goes straight up and the front side tapers back. The face of a slant sort of looks back up at you as you look down onto it.

Slants can be placed on their own directly onto the foundation pad, or they can be placed on a granite base and then on the foundation.





Slant face monuments may be ordered with the back polished or unpolished, the top and sides polished or rustic cut. A family can also choose to have the polish on the front go all the way to the bottom (see "Noll" below) or there can be a rustic margin at the bottom. The photo of the "Wood" marker above and the single slant below show a rustic margin at the bottom with no base. It has rustic sides and top. If a slant similar to "Noll" is chosen with the polished front then a base is highly suggested.





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