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Benches can be placed in a variety of places. If in a cemetery, one could choose to have a bench at the foot end of the grave and a monument at the head end. This affords the visitor a place to sit and look upon the memorial placed at the head end of the grave. This also allows a good deal of lettering surface as families can choose different artwork, verses, etc. to be placed on both the monument and the bench. Benches can also be placed at the head end of the grave as the headstone.

Benches can be lasting memorials at public places. Some families choose to place a bench in memory of or in honor of their loved one at a park, church, campground or other places that were important to them.

Benches can also have cored holes in the center of them that allow for the placement of cremated remains or to serve as a time capsule.









On this bench, the bottom area has a large surface that could be utilized for engraving the families name, individual names, artwork, etc.




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